Day Thirty: The Final Day/Interview Conclusions


Mr. Allen and I

Today is day thirty and it is the final day of this project. I have had a relatively smooth month, and the research I have done has definitely expanded my knowledge about cell phones and their effects. Despite that, I believe that since it is the 21st century, cell phones have become a necessity to living and I will therefore revert back to using one frequently. My addiction to a cell phone has been broken from undertaking this project, but it still will not be a life long cure because once it hits December, I will have it in my pocket yet again.

I have finalized my interviews for this project, and the first person I talked to was Greg Allen. I was introduced to Mr. Allen through one of my mother’s friends who also works in commercial reality. Mr. Allen is a commercial realtor for Century 21 Sea Cost, and has been in the business for 12 years. He is a distinguished realtor because he is among the top 3% salesmen in Century 21, and is an expert in his area. Carlsbad and Encinitas are the areas that he does business in, and has done so for his entire career.

He has seen the evolution of cell phones through out his career. Today he says that the success of his business rides on the use of a cell phone. When I asked him how often he was on the phone each day, he said, “About 50 times each day.” That is a lot of time spent on a cell phone. According to him, a cell phone is key to communicating with clients because it is instant and the majority of buyers own a cell phone. There is another application that he uses his phone for, and that is a system called MLS (Multiple Listing Service). MLS has information about all the homes that are on the market.

In conclusion, Mr. Allen needs a cell phone in order to keep up his excellent performance in the reality business.

My second interview was with a Verizon Wireless representative. I choose Verizon because they are my cell phone carrier, as well as one for the vast majority of my friends and family. I was put in contact with a representative from Wisconsin because my sister knew a guy in the business. I sent him an e-mail about the effects of cell phones on the body. It took him a while to respond because it turns out he was out of town for business for the majority of the month. When he responded he sent me a two-paragraph explanation about the effects of cell phone on the body. It said that there is no evidence that cell phones can harm a person.

So there you have it. That is from the professionals.



Day Twenty-Nine: Almost There


Mario is happy, like me, but not really


Today is day twenty-nine, and the excitement is building inside of me. I cannot wait until this project is over, even though I have learned a lot from it. Despite all the research and possible health issues that could occur from over using a cell phone, I still believe that I will return to the same old person. The lure of texting and knowing what everyone is doing all day is too great; I do not have a strong enough will. Also there is that one person in my life who has been nagging on me this entire month about how I do not talk to her enough.

This is between you and me, but I think a lot of my desire to do this project is because I would have an excuse not to text that one person back. It has been amazing being able to come home at night and not have to text until it was twelve o’clock at night. I think it would be safe to say that this month I have had the most peace of mind and the most sleep in the past year or so.

With all positives there are usually at least four negatives that follow it. In my case the four negatives kind of suck.

Number one is that since I am doing this as an English class life lab, I have to write at least three hundred words every night, and that has lasted for thirty days.

Number two is that since this is a project I am being graded on what I write and the content of my writing.

Number three is that since I do not have a phone, I cannot get a hold of my friends in an instant to have them come over and play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

Number four is that one person who I was talking about earlier now takes it up himself or herself to appear at my house everyday to hang out and do homework. There is just no escaping any sort of conversation. On top of that, that one person is more edgy with me because that one person can be.

In conclusion this project has taught me life lessons, but has screwed me in the short run.

Day Twenty-eight: Women’s Soccer

Sprint Store

Today is day twenty-eight, and  I had to go to girlfriend’s soccer game. It was extremely boring. I sat there for two hours in the rain and cold while a bunch of girls ran around in circles, very slowly too I might add. I don’t really like soccer, nonetheless, women’s soccer. It is very different from men’s soccer because it is much slower and a lot less physical. My friend, Jacob, came over and sat with me because his girlfriend plays on the same team as my girlfriend. The whole game we just talked about random things and women’s sports. At one point we got hungry and were trying to figure out what to eat. Jacob said he was going to make his girlfriend take him out to lunch and I said I was going to make my girlfriend make me a sandwich, which my girlfriend’s dad heard and he was not very happy.

After the game, my girlfriend and her dad, and I went to Oggi’s. I used to go there every weekend after my popwarner games but I have not been there since. I got a Slam-Dunk pizza, which had BBQ chicken, onions, and lots of other stuff on there for dinner but I also got honey BBQ wings and cheese bread for appetizers. The cheese bread filled me right up. The bread would expand in my stomach and by the time I got my pizza, I was stuffed.

We finished dinner and finally I could go home and play Call of Duty. I missed playing that all day because my girlfriend asked me to go to her last game of the season. Soccer sucks.

I played Call of Duty the rest of the day and later Michael and Kelsey came over to play with me. I cannot wait to get my cell phone back.

Have a good night. This is Matt Kaiser signing off.

Day Twenty-Seven: Conclusion #1


Today is day twenty-seven, and I cannot wait until this month is over. I am really tired of this project and sick of not having a phone to text my friends. My addiction is beginning to come back. I feel as though I never did this project because my need for a cell phone feels as it did on day two. Despite everything I have learned I know I am just going to go back to my old ways.

Cell phones are not necessarily all that bad. They have transformed communication techniques just like the wheel transformed the art of transportation. It is a great invention that will go down in history as a great success and will continue to be used in a similar manner for about twenty years until some crazy mad scientist develops newer and even more effective cell phone.

The cell phone comes with too many pluses to be phased out of society at this moment in time. That is why there are people whom text or call while driving, because the communication has become that instant that people cannot wait to get a hold of another person. Regardless if legislation makes laws that prevent people from operating a cell phone at all while driving, people will still flat out break the law.

Cell phones are too embedded into society today that trying to eradicate them will be an impossible feat. People are addicted to cell phones as they are to caffeine or nicotine. There is no power of legislation that can completely stop people from using a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle. It is a danger that must be taken into account while driving, but one that will never be fully preventable. There are too many cell phones, and too any drivers on the road to have the use of a cell phone while driving non-existent.

Day Twenty-Six: Thanksgiving

Chocolate Pecan Pie

Today is day twenty-six, and it is one of my favorite days in the year. It is Thanksgiving! I hope you had or are having an excellent Thanksgiving and enjoying some amazing grub. It has been a nice slow day for me; I just woke up and relaxed on the couch. It sucks not having a cell phone today because I enjoy talking to my friends and seeing what is going on with them on days like this. Again since all of my friends play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, I am able to talk to them through that.

Other than that I did not do anything for this project or anything but enjoy my day off and the time I had with family. This is bogus that we have to blog today because it is a holiday, and it is time to enjoy family. I really have nothing to say that pertains to this project, so I will just tell you what I did today.

I woke up at eight in the morning and walked into the other room to sit on the couch and relax. I watched a little television, and then decided to play some Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. I played that with my brother for about two hours or so, and then I had to do some other homework. I am not going to lie, I did not do it to my fullest of potential because I am just absolutely over it; it is a waste of my time.

At about three in the afternoon, my entire family went to our old neighbors house for dinner. When we arrived, everyone was already there and we put the head count to about ten people. Then men watched the football game, which was a very boring and uneventful game. Once dinner was ready we all sat down and got fat. I had a huge plate of everything I could possibly fit onto it. After the main course, there were three kinds of delicious pie: chocolate pecan, apple and pumpkin.

It was delicious and I want to thank Julie once again for making a fabulous meal.

Day Twenty-Five: Recap


Use of X-Box Live headset


Today is day twenty-fifth of November, and that means only five days left of this experiment. I cannot wait to get this project over with because I am done writing these blogs and such. To fill you all in, I have come up with the following data.

According to a couple of sites, and articles texting or operating a cell phone while driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving. In addition to that, they went on to say that it is legislations job to pas new laws to prevent any use of cell phones on the road. Other research I have done shows that cell phones may or may not affect the body, but there is no definitive answer because the tests that have been done have not been 100% conclusive. The test subjects that will reveal a definitive answer is the generation to come because they will have been exposed to cell phones for a longer period during their lives. According to a test I did between some of the kids at my school, the average use of a cell phone is about five hours a day. That is a lot but that includes the high school drama queens, aka high school girls, who do nothing but text on their phone.

Today was a decent day. I did nothing but practice, work on a project and relax on a couch watching television. I am a very lazy person this week, but I have a very good reason to be. In order to talk to my friends, I just go on X-Box Live and find them there. It is really convenient, and it beats a cell phone when playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 because you have a sweet headset that goes over your head instead of having to hold up some dumb cell phone. Well I am ouutie y’all.


Day Twenty-Four: Cell Phones as Dangerous as Drunk Driving


Car Crash



Today is day twenty-four without a cell phone. I did the traditional lazy man’s day by waking up late and then relaxing in front of the television. Oh yeah, and playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, which if I might add is the greatest game ever created by man. It also won a huge award for the greatest game ever made, ever. During the entire time I was playing Modern Warfare 2, I was online talking to my friends via x-box live. That is a very good source of communication because you are playing an amazing video game, while having a nice conversation with your friends. It also helps when all your friends play it constantly.

Despite my laziness, I was researching cell phones while driving, and turned up with something that I found very interesting. According to the article “Cell Phone Use as Dangerous as Drunken Driving,” the use of cell phones, whether it be hands-free or not, while driving is just as dangerous of people who drive drunk with a blood alcohol level of .08. That to me is a staggering statistic. When I was first reading the article I though the author was full of it, but he backed it up with research and tests that were done to prove the hazards of using a cell phone while driving.

In the article, the author was proposing that in order to legislature to truly keep the roads safe, they must pass laws that prohibit cell phone use period. I think that step is a little too radical. There are many companies that are trying to create new products that operate by voice, which would not require the driver to touch his cell phone at all. In fact there are products like that out on the market.

The real push to keep our streets safe must come from people putting pressure, not on legislature, but on the individual car companies themselves. If the car companies’ start making voice operated cell phone devices a standard, then our streets will become safer. Some radicals might say that it is not only physically using a cell phone that distracts a driver, but also having a conversation, that may be true, but I believe that is a very minimal effect.

Kaiser for president y’all.

Day Twenty-Three: X-Box

Booo Yaa

Today is day twenty-three and I cannot wait until this project is over. I am in my final week of this project and I am completely over writing these blogs. They are extremely time consuming when you have other obligations to fulfill, and you are on vacation as well. I think the federal government should pass a law that prevents any teachers from assigning homework over school vacations. I mean come on, we have lives to live, and this takes away from the very little time people like me have to relax and not have to stress about an upcoming test or a huge project that needs to be done by the end of the week.

Anyways back to my project. I did very little today that had to deal with my project because, I don’t know maybe I was to busy living an actual life outside of this little tyrant planet I like to call high school. I enjoyed sleeping in and not having to rush anything. My friends and I met up for a late breakfast around eleven in the morning. How, you might ask, did I get a hold of my friends without a cell phone? I will help you narrow down your guesses. I did not use facebook, I did not e-mail them, I did not use a house phone, I did not show up at their house, I did not send them a letter via mail, I did not inform them via telegram, I did not use morose code, and I did not sound a bugle.

If you did not answer any of those, then you probably were thinking in the right state of mind. The correct answer is I talked to them while playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on X-Box Live. For those of you out there who have lost a love one to Modern Warfare 2, that is quite all right because that is how my family feels.

Peace out.

Kaiser for president y’all.

Day Twenty-Two: The Future


The future of cell phones



Today is day twenty-two and I have had a nice comment by my mom’s friend. She said that she agreed with the fact that people have begun to phase out phone conversations and replaced them with texting. She said that her family has increasingly begun to communicate through texting. That confirms my hypothesis that the social structure of society is beginning to change. With cell phones being so accessible and affordable, the majority of people have them.

Therefore cell phones have become a standard accessory for the majority of people and have become a more viable form of communication. As time goes on cell phone will become more and more affordable and will in turn completely over take other forms of communication. As I have stated before, cell phones are easy and uncontested in speed of communication, other than actually talking directly to some one face to face. The social communication has been completely altered by the introduction of cell phones and will continue to be altered in even more significant ways as technology improves. Whether this is good or bad, that is up to you to decide.

Let us flash forward twenty years down the road. Cell phones will become standard utility just water and electricity is. They will be cheap, small and be able to show an actual video of a person in addition to just talking to them. The idea of a blackberry will be obsolete because future cell phones will be computers. You will be able to edit, create and share documents with tremendous speed, while it still is able to keep you aware of your schedule and such. There will also be three times as many applications that can be downloaded on you cell phone than the I-phone. There will be uncontested amounts of digital space that is comparison to today’s supercomputers.

In conclusion, the future cell phone will be of unprecedented speed, memory and affordability.

Day Twenty-one: Best Buy


Best Buy



Today is day twenty-one, and I have had a good day. Today is the first day of break, which means I finally get to relax and do not have to worry about homework, except for this project. So far a cell phone has not been necessary, which is unusual for breaks because that is when I am constantly on my cell phone.

Earlier today I took a trip to a near by Best Buy to investigate cell phones. When I arrived I went through and looked at all the cell phones they had on display. As I was looking an employee came up to me and asked me if I needed help. I began asking him questions about his knowledge on the effects of cell phones on the body. When I asked him that he looked at me funny, but he said that he had never known of any such things. He went on and said that there could be a possibility of such things, but he said that would be a rarity.

I would not say he is an expert on cell phones, but he works at a store that sells them, so therefore he has to have some sort of understanding of this product. From everyone I have talked to they have had the same answer about cell phones. The reason for this, I think, is that there is no definitive answer out there because there has not been conclusive research.

Until there is conclusive research, I think that most professionals will take the middle ground and say that cell phones may or may not cause physical damage to a person. As for doctors, I think that they will be the ones to say that cell phones will affect a person in a negative way. The answer has not been made definitive, but it will be soon.