Why no cell phone for a month?

                It is undeniable that cell phones play a significant role in day-to-day society by making communication instant and worldwide, but what happens when a person does not have access to a cell phone? Are they left behind in the dust of advancement?

                 I am conducting an experiment that requires me to abandon all usage of a cell phone for a month, in order to understand the backlashes, if any, with not having a cell phone. By doing this I hope to not only break my addiction on a cell phone, but also to find out if there are alternative forms of communication that are as effective and as instantaneous. In addition to experiencing life without a cell phone, I will be conducting research the effects of cell phones on the environment as well as on the human body. Another question that I look to answer is the dangerous of operating a cell phone when driving. People have become so addicted to cell phones that it has become a third appendage to some, and I am one of those. No matter where I go I have a cell phone on me, but is this a healthy addiction? That is what I look to find out.



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