Day Three: Why Me?


Why me?

It is day three without a cell phone. I have finished creating my facebook, and I am beginning to understand how to operate it. Believe it or not I am what people consider “computer savvy” even though I struggle with figuring out how facebook works. I have had a facebook for three days and I already have thirty-four friends, not to bad if I might say. Despite all of that it does not fill the role of a cell phone. With a cell phone you can text and will usually hear back within the next ten to fifteen minutes, but with facebook it takes about an hour at minimum to get a response, based off my couple day experiences. You are at the mercy of the other person when dealing with facebook, because one day they can be on it all the time, and the next day they will be to busy to even check it. Especially in today’s fast paced society the time loss between trying to communicate through facebook as opposed to a cell phone, is the difference from making money and being unemployed.

Not only is it harder to communicate with people, but I have completely lost track of time. I do not own a watch because my cell phone acted as my watch, and now I do not have a watch. Again, where is Doc Brown? My solution to this problem is to mooch the time off of other people. I can already tell that this starting to annoy some of my friends because I ask them quite frequently. Not only is this beginning to alienate my friends and I, but I am missing important calls to lunch. It is a mad rush of texts that go in and out of phones when it approaches lunch time, and each minute that ticks by, the more frantic the texts become. I am sort of grateful that I do not have to deal with that bombardment of texts.  Then again it angers me because the lunch plans set up the day before always change, and the only person not to get the memo is, yup you guessed it, me.


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  1. Charles
    Posted November 25, 2009 at 6:45 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Mathew: Watch out now, FACEBOOK is the wild, wild west out there! No controlls, no rulles and wide-open! Moreover, what you put in there, can go anywhere: Even to me and your two parents without your own knowledge or permission-Understand?

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