Day Six: Urgh



Today is day five, and I honestly do not want to be writing this blog right now. I just got home from a football game, and I am really tired. It has actually been a very crappy last hour because when I got home, I remembered I had to do this. In addition to that I do not have a cell phone, so therefore I cannot get a hold of my friends to hang out. We were suppose to relax at someone’s house, so I told one of them to be on facebook at ten. Guess what? He was not. I still have it logged in to see if he will respond, but I highly doubt it.

This is the problem without having a cell phone. Our society is so mobile and erratic, that a cell phone is an essential tool to keep in touch with the outside world. I feel like that caveman who did not get the memo that fire could be made from wood and fiction. I am that outcast in the shadow who is shivering because he is still stuck in the dark ages. It’s quite depressing because I do not feel a part of the group anymore. I do not know if I am making any sense, but I think you understand it. It’s like I am that kid on the playground that no one wants to play with because he still wears Barney pajamas. I am technologically isolated from the rest of the kids my age.

On another note, I have received two more e-mails from my experiment that begun two days ago. It was from one of my friends who rarely checks his e-mail, but for some reason he did. I am still pending two e-mails, but I have a feeling those will never come. We will see in the days to come. I am truthfully over writing tonight and I have reached my 300 word minimum for my assignment. Peace.


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