Day Seven: The Data

Use Speaker Phone

Got brain cancer?

Today is day seven, and I have found a very good article that deals with the effects of cell phones on the body. It discusses whether or not cell phones can be linked to brain cancer. According to the article, health officials are still having heated discussions about this issue. It depends on who you talk to about this issue because well educated doctors might think differently. Studies have been done on the effects of cell phones on animals, and there have been mixed results. Officials say that the results from these experiments are faulty and were poorly conducted. Also, the article talks about the different types of radiation. Cell phones use non-ionizing radiation, which is different than ionizing radiation that is used in x-rays because it has less energy. Therefore it is determined that the effects of cell phones on the body for a short amount of time is not harmful.

In addition to talking about long term health issues caused by cell phones, they discuss the long term issues which are quite ambiguous. Since cell phone have only been readily popular for around ten years, it is hard to have definitive data. In the coming years more definitive tests will be done to determine the long term effects of cell phones, but until then we have to wait.

Advice given by officials who say, “it is better to be safe than sorry,” is to alternate the ear in which you use when on the phone. Also whenever possible put the phone on speaker, or hook up a headset to it. These are just precautionary measures to be taken to reduce any likelihood of developing cancer or another kind of disease. Especially because the newer generations will be the ones who provide the statistics because they will have been using cell phones starting at an earlier age.

My opinion is one of caution. Even though the data so far points to the fact that there is a minor risk of developing cancer, preventing it is very easy. I agree with the officials, “it is better to be safe than sorry.”


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