Day Eight: Little Red Riding Hood Re-written


Hello Mr. Officer

Today is day eight, and it was a rough day. I needed to get a hold of people for home work and other school information. How did that go you ask. It went terrible. Seeing as I do not have a phone, I could not just simply call, instead I had to wait on facebook to see who logged on. Of course no one was on at the time I needed them to be. I just waited and let the day progress onward until I could get a response. I finally got one, but that was not soon enough. I lost three hours. I am really aggravated because I am the person who does stuff as soon as possible, and I could not do so in this case.

To be honest with you, I hate this project. I regret ever having this idea. I should have gone along with all the other kids and just did some form of exercise for a month. That would have been easy. But no, I have to be the one who picks the project that requires a lot of research and severely hinders my social life. During the week facebook worked fine, but once the weekend came around people are on and off at random times during the day and that makes it hard to target a specific person.

This project has me thinking, what would have happened if Little Red Riding Hood had a cell phone? She is strolling through the woods, tra lalalala, and all the sudden a wolf comes out from behind her. Of course Little Red Riding Hood does not go, “Oh my a talking wolf I need to the frigidy fudge out of here.” Instead she talks to him. The wolf asks her where she is going and where the exact location of her grandma’s house is. Isn’t that a red flag? Here is where a cell phone comes in handy. Here is where she has an awkward laugh and turns and goes skipping away. The wolf has no idea what is coming next. She whips out that cellular device and calls 911 and Deputy Dog comes down and arrests the wolf.

Done case and point, no more worrying about grandma having large teeth. Boom. It is that easy. The moral of the story is, whenever frolicking through the woods, carry a cell phone so you can call the cops on the hungry wolf.

Kaiser for president!


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