Day Nine: What happens when you don’t pay attention?

Today is day nine, and I have not come any closer to figuring out the effects of a cell phone on the brain. All the articles I have read play both sides of the issue. It seems that there is insufficient data on this issue. It is all speculative talk because it depends on who you talk to about the issue. I have a feeling that I will not find a definitive answer on this issue. If health officials are not in agreement with this issue, then the cell phone companies will not comment on it at all.

Every day I beginning to see more and more people each day who break the law by using a cell phone that is not hands free. I never really realized how many people do it, but every time I look out of the window there is someone chatting on the cell or bent over texting someone. It is just pure irresponsibility on their part. I am going to go and talk to the campus officer sometime and ask him a couple questions about using a cell phone while driving. This is ridiculous, there needs to be a harder crack down on this because it is a very dangerous thing to do.

It would almost be a good idea to have high schools talk about the dangers of texting and talking on a cell phone when operating a motor vehicle. It is a terrible habit that has become just another part of driving which is very scary. Believe me I know a lot of the kids at my school who are not exactly the best drivers, and if they were looking a cell phone screen while driving, something could go horribly wrong. It is not just a preventative measure to protect the person breaking the law, but it is to protect the innocent bystanders who could get hurt in the process. People need to think twice about what they do.


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