Day Ten: You can take my cell phone but not my Modern Warfare 2


Modern Warfare 2

You will never take my COD, but you can take my cell phone!

Today is day ten, and today is a day that I do not even care that I do not have a cell phone. As many of you might know, the new Call of Duty came out. This was the most amazing time for it to come out because tomorrow is Veteran’s Day which means a day off from school and that is what I am going to do when I am done with home work. I have been so jacked up and excited that this came out today that it was hard to focus in class and even hard to remember that I do not have a cell phone.

My friends and I set it up to where whoever wanted to play Modern Warfare 2, which is the new Call of Duty for those of you who have no connection to the present world, could come over to my house and play all night. It will be sick, but I am hating the fact that I have to write my blog tonight because it is taking away from the time I could be enjoying my new game. Let’s put it this way, if I had to choose between my cell phone and Modern Warfare 2, I would chose Modern Warfare 2. At this point you can keep my cell phone, just as long as I can play Modern Warfare 2.

I have continued my research on the effects of cell phones on the body, and I have still come up with the same data. I am planning on having an interview with a Verizon Wireless representative and a business person by the end of this week to get a professional perspective on the issue. In addition to that, when I was in the store buying Modern Warfare 2, I asked the person who was helping me, whether or not he had an idea about cell phones affecting the body. He said he did not think so but there is always a limit. Too much of one thing is not good for you, was the terms he put it in.



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