Day Twelve: The Parental Disadvantavge

texting sign

It should say "All texters while driving will be shot!"

Today is day twelve with out a cell phone. I have again been very busy and there has been no need for a cell phone yet today. That will change when the clock strikes three o’clock because I need to contact my parents on when they will be home. I have an orientation meeting an hour and a half away, and I can not be late. My parents will both be coming back from separate places, and if they are going to be late, I have to leave with out them. This is a problem because they are supposed to come with me, but if they are late by ten minutes I just have to leave.

This could cause a problem because if they are just around the corner from my house when I leave, I will not know because I can not facebook them or e-mail them. Also, I will be without contact with them for about four hours, which I know will make my mom freak out.

Here is where cell phones have benefited society. Parents are able to get a hold of their children instantly at any time of the day. This has brought comfort to many parents because even though their kids can be miles away, they can still contact them in an instant. Cell phones have offered a great peace of mind to parents.

Today when I was searching the web, I found an article about a man who was arrested for texting while driving in Orlando. The article is short, but it says that the man was texting while operating his motor vehicle, and crashed into another car. The person in the other car lost both his legs in the accident. This is outrageous. That is an accident that can be completely avoided if the person does not text while driving; it is that simple. It is utter irresponsibility and selfishness when people text while driving.

I will admit I have done it in the past, but the more a more I research this topic, the more I realize the danger and the stupidity behind it.


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