Day Sixteen: Loophole Exploited


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Today is day sixteen. New complications have arisen in my project because my mother left town to help out my sister. This causes a huge problem for communication between my dad and I. He works late until four each day and I get off of school at 2:30, but I have football until 6:15. He expects me to be home at that time, but sometimes practice runs late or I get food with the guys from the team. Since I cannot contact my dad he has really no clue when I will be home and will probably only make dinner for himself so he does not have a lot of leftovers.

This makes my life a little harder because now I have to make dinner when I get home and still try and cram in all my homework. That extra thirty minutes to an hour is the difference of me going to be at 11 or 12 at night. It is all right because I think that since it is the last week before break that teachers will be more in tune with test instead of homework. Another down side to my mom not being home is that my dad is very impatient, so if he makes dinner and I come home late, he might be a little edgy.

Yesterday I said I was going to exploit a loophole in my project by talking through my friends. At first they were fine with it, but then it got really distracting for them to do it during class. It had the exact results as I thought because they at first were fine with it, but halfway through the day they resigned from being my personal secretary. It actually felt kind of cool to have someone else talk on my behalf because I felt very important. Now I can see why people outsource their life. It’s quite invigorating



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  1. nana
    Posted November 25, 2009 at 7:50 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Mathew: Today’s letter was very good because it showed me three things about you that I did not know: First, that without your cell phone, you can improvise, adapt and over-come obsticles. Second, that even with your mom gone, that you can work with your dad for dinner, rides, football, etc. Lastly, that you have the knowledge, wisdome, intelligence and memory to make good decsions, even with litte or no support from your family members.-
    Good Man!

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