Day Seventeen: Telephia


Even with the homies, he is on the cell phone. I like him anyways.


Today is day seventeen, and when doing some research on the average use of cell phones, I came up with an interesting article. It is a study done by a company called Telephia. In their study they took information that broke down the most usage of cell phones by age and by ethnicity. It said that African-American customers “used more than 1,200 voice minutes on average per month during the quarter, and Hispanic cell phone users followed closely with 979 total voice minutes used on average per month.” For the age groups the article stated, “Consumers age 18-24 use their cell phones the most, spending more than 1300 total voice minutes on average per month.”

I found that study as very interesting because it not only broke it down by age, but by ethnicity as well. The reason for African American and Hispanics using cell phones more is something that I do not have an answer for. But as for the age group that uses cell phones more is something that I can explain. If you look at the people who are constantly on the phone it is the people that are in the age range of 18-24. The reason why I believe the age starts at 18 is because they are looking at the age of independent consumers, not the ones that are on a family plan.

I think I might do a small study on the usage of cell phones of the kids at my school. I think that will turn up huge results because there are many kids who used their cell phone like me. My estimate is that the average usage of cell phones at my school is around six hours because most students text all during class and when they are doing homework. It is a widespread addiction and hopefully some of the kids will read my blog and change their cell phone habits.

Link to survey is:


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