Day Eighteen: Low Sperm Count?

Today is day eighteen, and I found the weirdest article that deals with the cell phones effect on the body. I found this on medical news today, and it talks about how the usage of cell phones inhibits a male’s sperm count. That does not seem like a logical effect for cell phone use. You hold the phone to your ear, yet the effect is down in your belt area? Come on, that does not make sense. According to the article, the doctors hypothesize that the electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones is the cause for this decrease.

If parts of your body can be affected that far away, then how does a cell phone not cause brain cancer or other kinds of complications? In another article I found, it tested the effects of cell phones on rats. One doctor says that the effects on the brain is a very high probability based on the tests they did on rats, but others say that what effects a rat does not necessary effect humans in the same manner. The doctor who believes that cell phones affect brain function uses a fact that microwaves, I am not talking about actual cooking microwaves, generate heat and can melt the brain. That is why the tests on rats showed a decrease in brain memory.

If this can happen to humans, which will completely alter the health of kids in my generation. We are by far the most avid cell phone users amongst all the age ranges, and have been using cell phones since a young age. Therefore the exposure that my generation will have to cell phone radiation is an insurmountably more than that of past generations. Studies have also shown, as will intuition, that as the years go on, more and more kids have a personal cell phone. My neighbors, who are eight and nine years old, both have their own cell phones. To me, that is ridiculous, but to their parents they believe it is great because they will always be in contact with their kids. Doctors are still having debates over this issue. The generation that will bring the most conclusive results will be mine.

Another issue that I have though of is the effects of cell phones on young kids. It is logic that young kids are more susceptible to major sickness and other effects on their body because they are still developing. So intuitively, you would think that the younger the kid is, the more they are at risk of cell phone radiation effecting them. I am not a doctor, but that is something that makes sense to me. Kaiser out.


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