Day Nineteen: 2,600 People Die Each Year Because of Technology

Technology Kills

Today is day nineteen, and I am writing this blog a day late. Yesterday, I found out that my dad tore his retina, so I ended up having to drive my brother an hour away so he could get back to his dorm and do his final preparations on his presentation he had. If you want the details on the retina tear, please refer to my day twenty blog. If not, keep reading this blog.

Anyways, I had to drive my brother back to college at 6:30 because my dad cannot see out of one of his eyes, and therefore cannot drive my brother back. So that took me an hour and a half to do that, so when I got home it was 8. At this moment in time, I still had to eat dinner, and shower. So by the time I got to my homework it was already 9 and I had to write an essay and study for a huge government test, so therefore could not write my blog.

Anyways back to how day nineteen went. It was a long day, and again the need for a cell phone was not apparent until I found out about my dad. I have been researching how many crashes are caused by people on a cell phone, whether it is texting or placing calls. According to the article, 1 in 20 automobile crashes is due to some one using a cell phone. That is a staggering statistic because that is a lot of crashes that can be prevented by just not using a cell phone. In the article they say that 2,600 people die each year from this technology.

It also says that the cost of banning cell phones while driving would be just as expensive as if it was allowed. To me what that means is that the safety of people is not worth the cost, which is a terrible thing to say. Try telling that to someone who has lost a love one in a crash because some punk was texting while driving.


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