Day Twenty: I Broke the Rules

Retina Tear?

Today is day twenty. I have broken one of my rules, and it is a huge one. I used a cell phone. Now before you jump to conclusions, I will tell you why I did. Yesterday when I got home from practice at 6:30, my brother told me that my dad tore his retina. To some of you that might be strange, but according to my dad’s optometrist, it is prevalent amongst people who are near sided. Anyways, he had to go to the doctor at 8 in the morning today for an emergency procedure. Of course I go to school at 7:45, and my mom is out of town and my brother has to go back to college because he had a huge presentation to do this morning.

So my dad drove himself to the optometrist because he could still see some out of his right eye, and perfectly out of his left. The optometrist was not able to give a full and complete diagnosis yesterday when he had to check my dad’s eye out, so my dad did not know if it was going to be quick or long. If it was quick, then all they would do is expand the eye with gas to force the retina to reattach. With this procedure done, he could operate a motor vehicle. The second, more severe case is that he would have to undergo surgery to reattach it. It was because of this possibility that I had to bring my cell phone to school. If he had to get surgery, he could not drive, and I would have to pick him up from the doctor’s office.

Luckily he had the quick procedure done, and was able to drive himself home. So technically I broke my rules of not using a cell phone, but in my guidelines I said that if there was an emergency, I could use my cell phone. This constituted as an emergency, so I did not break the rules. I have not used my cell phone for any other reason today, and when I return home I will turn my cell phone over to my dad.



  1. kayla
    Posted November 21, 2009 at 10:06 am | Permalink | Reply

    I would think an emergency should take priority over this experiment, hope your teacher appreciates the fact that you stepped in to help your dad

  2. Bruce
    Posted November 25, 2009 at 8:24 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Mathew: This letter was an Outstanding Letter for three reasons: First, it showed me God is answering my daily prayers to watch over and provide for your family, each day-as with esp. your dad and his eye problem. Second, your story showed me once again, that you have the knowledge, wisdom, intelligence and memory to make correct decisions, in esp. emergencies. Lastly, it showed me your humanity, love and concern for your family members, and your quick thinking to keep your priorities in order: Esp. in an emergency situation. I am verrrrrry proud of you. However: Willl you pleasssssse calll me, if you neeeeeed mee to help you in these situations????? Thankyou.

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