Day Twenty-Four: Cell Phones as Dangerous as Drunk Driving


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Today is day twenty-four without a cell phone. I did the traditional lazy man’s day by waking up late and then relaxing in front of the television. Oh yeah, and playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, which if I might add is the greatest game ever created by man. It also won a huge award for the greatest game ever made, ever. During the entire time I was playing Modern Warfare 2, I was online talking to my friends via x-box live. That is a very good source of communication because you are playing an amazing video game, while having a nice conversation with your friends. It also helps when all your friends play it constantly.

Despite my laziness, I was researching cell phones while driving, and turned up with something that I found very interesting. According to the article “Cell Phone Use as Dangerous as Drunken Driving,” the use of cell phones, whether it be hands-free or not, while driving is just as dangerous of people who drive drunk with a blood alcohol level of .08. That to me is a staggering statistic. When I was first reading the article I though the author was full of it, but he backed it up with research and tests that were done to prove the hazards of using a cell phone while driving.

In the article, the author was proposing that in order to legislature to truly keep the roads safe, they must pass laws that prohibit cell phone use period. I think that step is a little too radical. There are many companies that are trying to create new products that operate by voice, which would not require the driver to touch his cell phone at all. In fact there are products like that out on the market.

The real push to keep our streets safe must come from people putting pressure, not on legislature, but on the individual car companies themselves. If the car companies’ start making voice operated cell phone devices a standard, then our streets will become safer. Some radicals might say that it is not only physically using a cell phone that distracts a driver, but also having a conversation, that may be true, but I believe that is a very minimal effect.

Kaiser for president y’all.


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  1. papa
    Posted November 25, 2009 at 8:44 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Mathew: Your article today was a good one, in that it showed that your interested in the facts behind the studies, tests and statistics of both cell phone use and also drunk driving factors on our roads. Remember this: What goes around, comes around! Don’t drink and drive and use Hands-Free Technology for cell phones use, when driving. P.S: Just ask Maria Shriver the Gov’s wife when she got BUSTED by the cops, for driving and talking on her hand-held cell phone, ouch, that hurt-right, ha, ha, ha!

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