Day Twenty-Seven: Conclusion #1


Today is day twenty-seven, and I cannot wait until this month is over. I am really tired of this project and sick of not having a phone to text my friends. My addiction is beginning to come back. I feel as though I never did this project because my need for a cell phone feels as it did on day two. Despite everything I have learned I know I am just going to go back to my old ways.

Cell phones are not necessarily all that bad. They have transformed communication techniques just like the wheel transformed the art of transportation. It is a great invention that will go down in history as a great success and will continue to be used in a similar manner for about twenty years until some crazy mad scientist develops newer and even more effective cell phone.

The cell phone comes with too many pluses to be phased out of society at this moment in time. That is why there are people whom text or call while driving, because the communication has become that instant that people cannot wait to get a hold of another person. Regardless if legislation makes laws that prevent people from operating a cell phone at all while driving, people will still flat out break the law.

Cell phones are too embedded into society today that trying to eradicate them will be an impossible feat. People are addicted to cell phones as they are to caffeine or nicotine. There is no power of legislation that can completely stop people from using a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle. It is a danger that must be taken into account while driving, but one that will never be fully preventable. There are too many cell phones, and too any drivers on the road to have the use of a cell phone while driving non-existent.


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