Day Twenty-eight: Women’s Soccer

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Today is day twenty-eight, and  I had to go to girlfriend’s soccer game. It was extremely boring. I sat there for two hours in the rain and cold while a bunch of girls ran around in circles, very slowly too I might add. I don’t really like soccer, nonetheless, women’s soccer. It is very different from men’s soccer because it is much slower and a lot less physical. My friend, Jacob, came over and sat with me because his girlfriend plays on the same team as my girlfriend. The whole game we just talked about random things and women’s sports. At one point we got hungry and were trying to figure out what to eat. Jacob said he was going to make his girlfriend take him out to lunch and I said I was going to make my girlfriend make me a sandwich, which my girlfriend’s dad heard and he was not very happy.

After the game, my girlfriend and her dad, and I went to Oggi’s. I used to go there every weekend after my popwarner games but I have not been there since. I got a Slam-Dunk pizza, which had BBQ chicken, onions, and lots of other stuff on there for dinner but I also got honey BBQ wings and cheese bread for appetizers. The cheese bread filled me right up. The bread would expand in my stomach and by the time I got my pizza, I was stuffed.

We finished dinner and finally I could go home and play Call of Duty. I missed playing that all day because my girlfriend asked me to go to her last game of the season. Soccer sucks.

I played Call of Duty the rest of the day and later Michael and Kelsey came over to play with me. I cannot wait to get my cell phone back.

Have a good night. This is Matt Kaiser signing off.


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  1. SK
    Posted November 29, 2009 at 8:12 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Matt you obviously need to get your cell phone back, it’s like you have had some kind of withdrawal from not using it and not for the good… your attitude is ??? and I am afraid it may have contributed to some kind of brain damaage. We may need to send you to Call of Duty re-hab and etiquette school for how to treat woman…. Love M

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