Day Twenty-Nine: Almost There


Mario is happy, like me, but not really


Today is day twenty-nine, and the excitement is building inside of me. I cannot wait until this project is over, even though I have learned a lot from it. Despite all the research and possible health issues that could occur from over using a cell phone, I still believe that I will return to the same old person. The lure of texting and knowing what everyone is doing all day is too great; I do not have a strong enough will. Also there is that one person in my life who has been nagging on me this entire month about how I do not talk to her enough.

This is between you and me, but I think a lot of my desire to do this project is because I would have an excuse not to text that one person back. It has been amazing being able to come home at night and not have to text until it was twelve o’clock at night. I think it would be safe to say that this month I have had the most peace of mind and the most sleep in the past year or so.

With all positives there are usually at least four negatives that follow it. In my case the four negatives kind of suck.

Number one is that since I am doing this as an English class life lab, I have to write at least three hundred words every night, and that has lasted for thirty days.

Number two is that since this is a project I am being graded on what I write and the content of my writing.

Number three is that since I do not have a phone, I cannot get a hold of my friends in an instant to have them come over and play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

Number four is that one person who I was talking about earlier now takes it up himself or herself to appear at my house everyday to hang out and do homework. There is just no escaping any sort of conversation. On top of that, that one person is more edgy with me because that one person can be.

In conclusion this project has taught me life lessons, but has screwed me in the short run.



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  2. Julia Markovitz
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    Wha wha wha… If that is the most stress you go through in life, count yourself lucky! We teach people how to treat us, and if someone is a constant drain, you let them. Just some food for thought! Nice job on your project. I hope you get a good grade!

  3. Jessica McDonald
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    If you think not having a cell phone is bad try not having internet or TV for OVER A MONTH!!! With all of the new bills that I have taken on lately, I refused to pay another hundred a month for something not absolutely necessary. I finally broke down so Brian can watch ESPN and I can access by online banking… We got a lot more done though and to tell you the truth- I got used to not having it. It was a nice break!!!!

  4. SK
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    We really enjoyed your blog, I hope you get a good grade. Good Luck!

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