Day Thirty: The Final Day/Interview Conclusions


Mr. Allen and I

Today is day thirty and it is the final day of this project. I have had a relatively smooth month, and the research I have done has definitely expanded my knowledge about cell phones and their effects. Despite that, I believe that since it is the 21st century, cell phones have become a necessity to living and I will therefore revert back to using one frequently. My addiction to a cell phone has been broken from undertaking this project, but it still will not be a life long cure because once it hits December, I will have it in my pocket yet again.

I have finalized my interviews for this project, and the first person I talked to was Greg Allen. I was introduced to Mr. Allen through one of my mother’s friends who also works in commercial reality. Mr. Allen is a commercial realtor for Century 21 Sea Cost, and has been in the business for 12 years. He is a distinguished realtor because he is among the top 3% salesmen in Century 21, and is an expert in his area. Carlsbad and Encinitas are the areas that he does business in, and has done so for his entire career.

He has seen the evolution of cell phones through out his career. Today he says that the success of his business rides on the use of a cell phone. When I asked him how often he was on the phone each day, he said, “About 50 times each day.” That is a lot of time spent on a cell phone. According to him, a cell phone is key to communicating with clients because it is instant and the majority of buyers own a cell phone. There is another application that he uses his phone for, and that is a system called MLS (Multiple Listing Service). MLS has information about all the homes that are on the market.

In conclusion, Mr. Allen needs a cell phone in order to keep up his excellent performance in the reality business.

My second interview was with a Verizon Wireless representative. I choose Verizon because they are my cell phone carrier, as well as one for the vast majority of my friends and family. I was put in contact with a representative from Wisconsin because my sister knew a guy in the business. I sent him an e-mail about the effects of cell phones on the body. It took him a while to respond because it turns out he was out of town for business for the majority of the month. When he responded he sent me a two-paragraph explanation about the effects of cell phone on the body. It said that there is no evidence that cell phones can harm a person.

So there you have it. That is from the professionals.



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