In today’s world, people have become dependent on cell phones and has led to worldwide integration, and a social overhaul. Cell phones have a visible positive impact on society, and most people would agree, but there are also underlying negatives behind the addiction to cell phones. Matt will conduct a life experiment in which he will go without a cell phone for a month to experience the social backlashes, if any, and to research the effect of cell phones on the environment as well as on the human body. In order to reach this goal, he must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Absolutely no usage of a cellular device, unless there is an emergency that calls for cell phone usage.
  2. A house phone may be used only to fulfill certain obligations that he had prior to undertaking this experiment.
  3. Create a facebook, and update it with blog information.
  4. Keep a log of the time spent on each program.
  5. Conduct interviews a business person, and a cell phone company representative

These will be essential to guide him through the entire month while compiling information to shed light on the underlying negatives of cell phone use.


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