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Day Thirty: The Final Day/Interview Conclusions

  Today is day thirty and it is the final day of this project. I have had a relatively smooth month, and the research I have done has definitely expanded my knowledge about cell phones and their effects. Despite that, I believe that since it is the 21st century, cell phones have become a necessity […]

Day Twenty-Nine: Almost There

    Today is day twenty-nine, and the excitement is building inside of me. I cannot wait until this project is over, even though I have learned a lot from it. Despite all the research and possible health issues that could occur from over using a cell phone, I still believe that I will return […]

Day Twenty-eight: Women’s Soccer

Today is day twenty-eight, and  I had to go to girlfriend’s soccer game. It was extremely boring. I sat there for two hours in the rain and cold while a bunch of girls ran around in circles, very slowly too I might add. I don’t really like soccer, nonetheless, women’s soccer. It is very different […]

Day Twenty-Seven: Conclusion #1

Today is day twenty-seven, and I cannot wait until this month is over. I am really tired of this project and sick of not having a phone to text my friends. My addiction is beginning to come back. I feel as though I never did this project because my need for a cell phone feels […]

Day Twenty-Six: Thanksgiving

Today is day twenty-six, and it is one of my favorite days in the year. It is Thanksgiving! I hope you had or are having an excellent Thanksgiving and enjoying some amazing grub. It has been a nice slow day for me; I just woke up and relaxed on the couch. It sucks not having […]

Day Twenty-Five: Recap

    Today is day twenty-fifth of November, and that means only five days left of this experiment. I cannot wait to get this project over with because I am done writing these blogs and such. To fill you all in, I have come up with the following data. According to a couple of sites, […]

Day Twenty-Four: Cell Phones as Dangerous as Drunk Driving

      Today is day twenty-four without a cell phone. I did the traditional lazy man’s day by waking up late and then relaxing in front of the television. Oh yeah, and playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, which if I might add is the greatest game ever created by man. It also […]

Day Twenty-Three: X-Box

Today is day twenty-three and I cannot wait until this project is over. I am in my final week of this project and I am completely over writing these blogs. They are extremely time consuming when you have other obligations to fulfill, and you are on vacation as well. I think the federal government should […]

Day Twenty-Two: The Future

      Today is day twenty-two and I have had a nice comment by my mom’s friend. She said that she agreed with the fact that people have begun to phase out phone conversations and replaced them with texting. She said that her family has increasingly begun to communicate through texting. That confirms my […]

Day Twenty-one: Best Buy

      Today is day twenty-one, and I have had a good day. Today is the first day of break, which means I finally get to relax and do not have to worry about homework, except for this project. So far a cell phone has not been necessary, which is unusual for breaks because […]