As I have stated before, I chose this project because of my addiction to a cell phone. Before I started this project, I was constantly on my phone sending text messages or calling people to see what they were up to. It got t a point where I was disgusted at the amount of time I used a cell phone.

On day one of this project, I was a bit apprehensive about going thirty days with out a cell phone. At first I felt like I was constantly missing something because I felt bare without a cell phone. As the first week came to a closure I had forgotten that I even owned a cell phone. After that it was smooth sailing until it cam down to the wire and I was chomping at the bit the get my cell phone back. I am writing this as day two with my cell phone back, and I will admit that I am back to my original ways.

The reasons for me returning back to my original ways are fairly simple and easy to back up with my research. First and foremost, cell phones have evolved, not only as a way to communicate, but a way to do business. When I spoke to Mr. Allen, who is a Realtor for Century 21, he said that the success of his business depended on having a cell phone. In today’s technological world, not having a cell phone is like going to war without a weapon. It has become that vital in the business world, and the social structure is changing as well.

From what I can conclude on y experience, if you do not have a cell phone, you are left out of the loop. Cell phones have become a standard apparatus, just like a watch, and those that do not have one are left behind. I can recount numerous times through out this month where I spent lunch or a night alone because I did not get the text message update that everyone was at Jimmy’s house. In addition to that, taking a step away from cell phones has made me realize how much people really communicate through text messages instead of face-to-face conversations. It is as though texting has replaced hard face-to-face conversations, as well as basic ones. The social structure is beginning to change, all because of the way that people communicate with one another

Through research, I have come to find out that cell phones are the most environmentally friendly way to communicate over e-mail, facebook, i-chat, skype, and mail. For the first three, it requires a computer, which draws a lot more power from the wall than a cell phone charger. As for normal mail, we all know that gasoline is not the most environmentally friendly thing out there. Also, I have concluded that cell phones are the most instant and efficient ways to communicate.

In conclusion, cell phones hold a high standard in our society, and will continue to preside there for years to come.


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