1. Why did you choose not having a cell phone for a month?

I chose not to have a cell phone for a month because I am the person who is constantly on the cell phone. It was disgusting how much time I spent sending off texts or calling a person for no specific reason. Also I thought it would be interesting to figure out how much energy is wasted on cell phones.

2. How often did you use your phone before this project?

I used my cell phone every day before this project. On average I would probably send around 200 texts and place 4 calls per day.

3. What has been the hardest part about not having a cell phone, talking to your friends or your significant other?

Definitely not being able to talk to my friends or significant other has been really hard on me. Facebook worked as a good alternative to texting, but that did not always hold true. I would have to say not talking to my friends was the hardest because I would miss the memo of where to go for lunch or what everyone was doing on the weekend.

4. What class is this for?

This is for Mr. Greenslate’s English class.

5. What does this have to do with English class?

This has to do with English because I have to write 300 to 500 words each night for an entire month. Also Mr. Greenslate is the teacher of our social justice program on campus and is very adamant about learning through experience, especially as a writer.

6. Do you think that cell phones cause cancer?

No I do not believe so, the data so far points to it, and I believe that cell phone radiation is just too small to cause any real damage. But I suppose if you used a cell phone every minute of everyday, it could cause some minor complications.

7. Do you think that using a cell phone while driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving?

I think that it is pretty close to it. Texting while driving is the worst because your eyes are completely away from the road, and you are not paying attention to anything but your conversation.

8. Do you think that the raise in texting I/O talking indicates people want to avoid direct spontaneous conversation?

Yes because there have been instances in my life where people have sat next to each other and texted one another. It is easier to talk when you don’t have to physically say something. I believe people feel more confident and free when texting, and therefore has caused the rise in text messaging.

9. What is your opinion on legislation regarding cell phones while driving?

I believe that legislation can only do so much. It needs to come from the people to take responsibility for their actions. Even if legislation passed a law it would take years and the final law would be a watered down version of the initial bill. Therefore rendering it ineffective. Only make laws that you can enforce.

10. Will you return to your old self after this project is over?

Yes, despite all the research I have done, it is hard to live in this day and age without a cell phone. So much of today’s society relies on it, that I cannot disregard it. I may not use it as much, but I will still use it for my fair share of time.


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